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“Magic, Fear and Power”
Release date April 26th, 2019
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Version history

Shadows of Abaddon Version 1.1 introduced True Mode, and huge amount of content; including five new bosses, three new herbs, a new biome, many new accessories, new developer items, many new weapons, many new enemies, remastered NPC dialogue, new pets, two revamped bosses and a lot of items and much more.

This is also the first version of the mod under its new name.


True Mode[]

Bosses & Related Content[]

Empress’ Den[]

Developer Items[]





Miscellaneous Additions[]

Changes, Bug Fixes and Tweaks[]

True Mode[]

Balance Changes and Weapon Tweaks[]

NPC Changes[]

  • Reworked Araghur's fight to better fit the line of progression and to be overall less annoying, along with making his loot drop from the segment nearest to the player.
  • Reworked the AI of the Flaming Spirits.
  • Completely reworked the battle with the Lunarians (now called The Lost Siblings) with brand-new sprites, attacks, and mechanics.
  • Jensen, the Grand Harpy throws her boomerang when under 20% life now instead of under 4000 hp.
  • Changed the behavior of Abaddon, the Emissary of Nightmares's Despair Spheres slightly.
  • Fixed Abaddon not despawning during the day.
  • Removed Abaddon's blade attack, which was bugged.
  • Replaced Yofaress' feather circle attack with a feather dash (similar to Jensen's, but stationary).
  • Tweaked and resprited the Flaming Pumpkin and his minions.
  • The Decorationist now uses hammers to defend himself.
  • Updated Nuba’s defense mechanic.
  • Nightmare Guardians are no longer immune to knockback.
  • The Flaming Pumpkin’s attacks now have a 20% chance to inflict On Fire! instead of 100%.
  • Replaced the Pandolar Trader’s snow and ice salvage with Decree Fur.
  • The Pandolar Trader received a new name.
  • Added Luminite to Nuba’s shop.
  • Moved Music Boxes to the Scavenger’s shop.
  • Eroded Enemies now only spawn in a specific location that changes each day, Neil will tell you this location once you beat Abaddon, Araghur and the Lost Siblings in True Mode.
  • Boss and enemy projectile damage is now based on their contact damage.
  • Reworked The Flaming Pumpkin and added a new phase and despawn animation.
  • Post-Moon Lord bosses will block the nebula life regen boosts.

Bug Fixes[]

Renamed Content[]

Miscellaneous Tweaks and Changes[]

  • Throwing Rotten Eggs at the Pandolar Trader might cause him to get very angry.
  • Oblivion Shards are now easier to mine.
  • The Eroded Winged Furia's Asthral Flares are no longer pure dust.
  • Changed Dan Yami's old developer set to be obtainable by other means.
  • Removed the Pandolar Star, the Pandolar Trader is now found frozen in the ice biome after the Decree has been defeated.
  • The Blazing Serpent mount now has ground frames and only attacks enemies in front of it.
  • Updated the quotes of some Town NPCs.
  • Stacking buffs now use a more optimized code for stacking and scale down when they run out of time (Perkisas buffs don’t scale down when expiring).
  • Removed the hardmode ore javelins.
  • The Oblivion Miner is no longer crafted with any lunar tool.
  • Nightmare Wraiths no longer spawn near Town NPCs and during events, and have also received own unique sound effects.
  • Lunidium Coins drop from all enemies and bosses now (removed the health requirement).
  • Araghur no longer drops Flarium Crystals after the first kill.
  • Novaniel no longer drops Lunidium Coins on every kill.
  • Fixed Health and Mana potions always applying the same duration of the debuff (even with things like the Philosopher’s Stone)
  • Reduced max stack of Asthraltite Shards from 999 to 99 and made them drop on death. They also will now inflict a debuff upon players when they pick them up.
  • Ember Rock can be crafted back into Thermal Rack at a Flarium Workbench.

Visual Changes[]

  • Fixed the background transition from the Fiery Caves to the lava caverns.
  • The Quasar moon shader applied by Novaniel and the Quasar Monolith now turns the backgrounds black.
  • The Flaming Pumpkin’s spikes now scale with the ground.
  • Updated healthbar support with YABHB.
  • Gave some enemies glowmasks.
  • Fixed an issue with the Oblivion Shard tile sheet.
  • Updated all flame dusts to be transparent and thus look more like flames.
  • Resprited many things, too many to list.

Removed Content[]

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