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Celestial Shield
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Celestial Shield inventory icon
Type AccessoryCrafting material
Defense 8
Tooltip Grants immunity to knockback and fire blocks
Grants immunity to most debuffs
Turns the holder into a werewolf at night and a merfolk when entering water
Minor increases to all stats
Absorbs 25% of damage done to players on your team
Only active above 25% life
Rarity Rarity Level: Oblivion
Sell 50 Gold Coin

The Celestial Shield is a Post-Moon Lord Accessory, it combines the effects of the Celestial Shell, the Ankh Shield, and the Paladin's Shield. It grants immunity to knockback, a large number of debuffs, turns the player into a Werewolf at night and a Merfolk in water, increasing all stats by a small amount and absorbs 25% of the damage done to players on your team (if above 25% life).

When equipped, the Celestial Shield provides immunity to all of the following debuffs:

Bleeding.png Bleeding Broken Armor.png Broken Armor Burning.png Burning Chilled.png Chilled Confused.png Confused Cursed.png Cursed
Darkness.png Darkness Poisoned.png Poisoned Silenced.png Silenced Slow.png Slow Weak.png Weak



Crafting Station
Oblivion Forge.pngOblivion Forge
Ingredient(s) Amount
Oblivion Bar.png Oblivion Bar 20
Trace of Chaos.png Trace of Chaos 25
Celestial Shell.png Celestial Shell 1
Ankh Shield.png Ankh Shield 1
Paladin's Shield.png Paladin's Shield 1
Celestial Shield.png Celestial Shield 1

Used in[]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Shield of Reflections.png Tiridium Bar.pngTiridium Bar (20) Tiridium Infuser.png Tiridium Infuser
Luminous Energy.pngLuminous Energy (25)
Celestial Shield.pngCelestial Shield
Flaming Heart.pngFlaming Heart
Pocket Mirror.pngPocket Mirror


  • This endgame accessory is incredibly useful for fighting post-Moon Lord bosses.


  • 0.15.0: Introduced.
Equipable Items: Asthraltite Breastplate.png Armor • Flight Feather.png Accessories ( Solar Sigil.png Combat) • Pandolar Mask.png Vanity