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Expert Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.
Cerulean Cyclone
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Cerulean Cyclone inventory icon
Type Weapon
Damage 560 (Melee)
Knockback 3 (Very Weak)
Critical chance 4%
Use time 15 (Very Fast)
Tooltip Sends out a cyclone spear that unleashes cyclones upon hitting solid ground
Rarity Rarity Level: Shadowflare
Sell 1 Platinum Coin.png 25 Gold Coin.png

An example of the Cerulean Cyclone's projectiles spawning two cyclones.

The Cerulean Cyclone is a craftable post-Moon Lord Relic broadsword. It fires a blue water spear that releases two cyclones on collision with blocks.

Its best modifier is Legendary.



Crafting Station
Tiridium Infuser.png Tiridium Infuser
Ingredient(s) Amount
Lapis Sword.png Lapis Sword 1
Ascension Tablet.png Ascension Tablet 1
Cerulean Cyclone.png Cerulean Cyclone 1


Refined Lapis.png Lapis
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