Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

The Shadows of Abaddon mod adds 7 new Crafting stations to the game. Almost all of the new stations are needed to progress with the post-Moon Lord content added in with this mod.


Station Description
Hellstone Altar.png Hellstone Altar Functions as a Demon or Crimson Altar, but drops when broken and does not spawn Hardmode ores.

Post-Moon Lord[]

Station Description
Oblivion Forge.png Oblivion Forge Used to craft certain post-Abaddon weapons and armor
Flarium Workbench.png Flarium Workbench Used to craft various Flarium-themed furniture
Flarium Forge.png Flarium Forge Used solely to craft Draconium Alloy
Flarium Anvil.png Flarium Anvil Used to craft post-Araghur Weapons, Armor, and Tools.
Tiridium Infuser.png Tiridium Infuser Used to craft post-Lost Siblings Weapons and Tools.
Asthraltite Workbench.png Asthraltite Workbench Used to craft various Asthraltite-themed furniture
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