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Debuffs are status effects that affect the player or target negatively.

From enemies[]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Asthral Erosion.png Asthral Erosion Losing life rapidly. Your flesh is dissolving
Eroded Ichor.png Eroded Ichor Defense lowered by 40 and fast health loss. Losing life and lowered defense
Flarium Inferno.png Flarium Inferno Quick life drain. Losing life
Magical Exhaustion.png Magical Exhaustion Magic weapons are 20% less effective. Magic Weapons deal 20% less damage
Nightmare Fog.png Nightmare Fog Devastating life drain. Your body is being torn apart
Novaniel's Charge.png Novaniel's Charge All players are instantly killed if debuff timer reaches zero. End the battle before its too late!
Obsidian Curse.png Obsidian Curse Player is unable to use any items. Your hands have turned to obsidian
Pulverized Armor.png Pulverized Armor Player's defense is reduced to half of its normal defense. Defense is cut in half
Red Venom.png Red Venom Losing life rapidly. Losing life
The Serpent's Aura.png The Serpent's Aura Cannot absorb healing effects from items like the Vampire Knives. You cannot absorb healing effects
Shadowflare Curse.png Shadowflare Curse Devastating debuff which will kill the player without cheats. Your bones are melting
Shadowflare Flames.png Shadowflare Flames Very fast life drain. Your lifeforce is being absorbed
Shadowflare Leech.png Shadowflare Leech Extremely fast life drain. Your lifeforce is being absorbed endlessly

From items and environment[]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Caster's Sacrifice.png Caster's Sacrifice Mana is used twice as much. Doubled mana usage
Dreadfire Exhaustion.png Dreadfire Exhaustion Cannot use the Dreadfire armor's set bonus Cannot use 'Dreadfire Aura'
Phoenix's Exhaustion.png Phoenix's Exhaustion The Flarium armor's set bonus will not trigger. Cannot be reborn

Onto enemies[]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Abaddon's Curse - Freeze.png Abaddon's Curse - Freeze Enemy's movement speed is massively hindered. Unable to move
Abaddon's Curse - Might.png Abaddon's Curse - Might Enemy's damage is reduced. Damage is multiplied by 1.5
Baru Absorption.png Baru Absorption Enemy's life is being rapidly drained in exchange for health for the player. Losing life
Bloodshed.png Bloodshed Enemy has a 20% chance to release a heart upon being killed. 20% chance to drop a heart
Curse of Doem.png Curse of Doem Enemy takes twice the amount of damage from attacks. Damage is doubled
Despair Flames.png Despair Flames Enemy's life is quickly drained. Being devoured by nightmares
Heavy Bleed.png Heavy Bleed Fast life drain. Losing life
Leviathan Freeze.png Leviathan Freeze Movement speed is significantly hindered. Unable to move
Lunar Burn.png Lunar Burn Enemy's life is drained. Losing life
Moonlight Rhapsody (debuff).png Moonlight Rhapsody (debuff) Being hit will cause the enemy to explode. Explode on hit
Quantumbroken.png Quantumbroken Affected enemy will take three times as much damage from the Quasar Kunai. Quasar Kunai deals triple damage
Soulburn.png Soulburn Insanely fast life drain. (10 damage every tick for 30 seconds.) The very essence of your existence is set ablaze
Toxic Sickness.png Toxic Sickness Quick life drain. Losing life

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