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The Empress Den is a biome located below the Underground Desert that is created upon world generation. It is a dark gloomy biome filled to the brim with spiders, and is comprised of Weaverstone and Venomite Ore which the player will need a pickaxe with a power of 110% or more to break into the biome. The innards of the biome are comprised of multiple platforms made of weaverstone, with spider eggs and cobwebs dotted about

The biome features its own unique tiles, enemies, loot, music, and is where Araneas is fought in early Hardmode.


Empress' Den
Characters Unique Drops


Wall Creeper.png Wall Creeper


Black Recluse.png Black Recluse
Spiderling.png Spiderling
Venom Stalker.png Venom Stalker
Nest Warden.png Nest Warden
Araneas.png Araneas


Wall Creeper Banner.png Wall Creeper
Black Recluse Banner.png Black Recluse
Spiderling Banner.png Spiderling
Venom Stalker Banner.png Venom Stalker
Nest Warden Banner.png Nest Warden

From Black Recluse:

Spider Fang.png Spider Fang

From Spiderling and Venom Stalker after

Araneas has been defeated:

Weaver Key.png Weaver Key

From the Weaver Chest:

Needle.png Needle

From terrain:

Weaverstone.png Weaverstone
Venomite Ore.png Venomite Ore
Cobweb.png Cobweb
Weaver Chest.png Weaver Chest


  • The Biome is only accessible in Hardmode, and can be quite dangerous if the player is unprepared. If you enter before Hardmode, you are killed instantly with the reason of death being "Player died of Ligma."
  • When Calamity is installed, the location of the biome is moved to the right, to not break too much of the Sunken Sea biome.


  • 1.1: Introduced
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