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For a list of all enemies with stats see Enemy list.

Enemies are characters that attempt to attack and inflict damage on players. This page lists all enemies that can be encountered in the Shadows of Abaddon.

There are a total of 143 enemies: 61 Pre-Hardmode, 31 Hardmode, 33 Event, 9 Bosses and 9 Bosses' servants.


Pre-Hardmode Enemies
Bismuth Elemental.png Bismuth Elemental
Pumpfly.png Pumpfly
Pumpslime.png Pumpslime
Withered Carrier.png Withered Carrier
Hardmode Enemies
Acid Cauldron.png Acid Cauldron
Gold Slime.png Gold Slime
Nest Warden.png Nest Warden
Primordial Thrall.png Primordial Thrall
Spiderling.png Spiderling
Venom Stalker.png Venom Stalker
Post-Moon Lord Enemies
Blazing Serpent.png Blazing Serpent
Blazing Shrub.png Blazing Shrub
Dark Lancer.png Dark Lancer
Draconic Crusher.png Draconic Crusher
Eroded Corruptor.png Eroded Corruptor
Eroded Flaming Spirit.png Eroded Flaming Spirit
Eroded Harpy.png Eroded Harpy
Eroded Ichor Sticker.png Eroded Ichor Sticker
Eroded Lamia.png Eroded Lamia
Eroded Tunneler.png Eroded Tunneler
Eroded Winged Furia.png Eroded Winged Furia
Flaming Spirit.png Flaming Spirit
Furia.png Furia
Furious Slime.png Furious Slime
Nebula Slime.png Nebula Slime
Nightmare Spirit.png Nightmare Spirit
Phantom Stalker.png Phantom Stalker
Quasar Slime.png Quasar Slime
Silent Observer.png Silent Observer
Solar Slime.png Solar Slime
Starcell Slime.png Starcell Slime
Stardust Slime.png Stardust Slime
Umbral Follower.png Umbral Follower
Vortex Slime.png Vortex Slime
Winged Furia.png Winged Furia

Event Enemies[]


Frigid Jellyfish.png Frigid Jellyfish
Frigid Slime.png Frigid Slime
Frigid Spirit.png Frigid Spirit

Piglin Army[]

Blaze.png Blaze
Chicken Jockey.png Chicken Jockey
Zombie Piglin.png Zombie Piglin
Zombie Piglin Crossbower.png Zombie Piglin Crossbower


Pre-Hardmode Bosses
The Decree.png The Decree
The Flaming Pumpkin.png The Flaming Pumpkin
Jensen, the Grand Harpy.png Jensen, the Grand Harpy
Zombie Piglin Brute.png Zombie Piglin Brute
Hardmode Bosses
Araneas.png Araneas
Harpy Queen, Raynare.png Harpy Queen, Raynare
Primordia.png Primordia
Post-Moon Lord Bosses
Abaddon, the Source of the Affliction.png Abaddon, the Source of the Affliction
Araghur, the Flare Serpent.png Araghur, the Flare Serpent
Erazor (Boss).png Erazor
The Lost Siblings.png The Lost Siblings
Nihilus.png Nihilus

Boss Minions[]

Dread Core.png Dread Core
Royal Harpy.png Royal Harpy
Yofaress.png Yofaress
Shield Orbital.png Shield Orbital
Nightmare Guardian.png Nightmare Guardian
Nightmare Soul.png Nightmare Soul
Star Reaver.png Star Reaver
Starstream Wyrm.png Starstream Wyrm
Stellar Projection.png Stellar Projection
Stellar Skull.png Stellar Skull
Tracking Rocket.png Tracking Rocket
Darkflame Energy Sphere.png Darkflame Energy Sphere
Seeking Shadow.png Seeking Shadow
Abyssal Ember.png Abyssal Ember
Abyssal Lantern.png Abyssal Lantern
Aura of Suppression.png Aura of Suppression
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