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Eroded Winged Furia
Eroded Winged Furia.png
Type Flying Enemy – Eroded
Environment Fiery Caves
AI Type Winged Furia AI
Damage 100
Max Life 25000 / 50000
Defense 40
KB Resist 50%
Inflicts debuff
Asthral Erosion.png Asthral Erosion
Debuff duration 10 seconds
Debuff tooltip Your flesh is dissolving
Coins 10 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Erosion Sample.png Erosion Sample
• 25-45

The Eroded Winged Furia is an eroded version of the Winged Furia, spawning in the Fiery Caves after The Lost Siblings have been defeated. They will attempt to fly around the player and launch Eroded Flames at the player if they are not being attacked. Occasionally, they will launch an Eroded Flare into the air which will rain three flares from the sky, exploding in a similar fashion to the Diabolist's attack.

They drop many Erosion Samples on death, a crafting material that is required to battle Erazor.


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