Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

Eroded enemies are powerful enemies that will begin spawning in certain areas of the world after The Lost Siblings are defeated. They are upgraded versions of previously encountered enemies, often inflicting the Asthral Erosion debuff and having more aggressive behavior. They will drop many Erosion Samples on death, which are required to fight Erazor and craft some end-game weapons.

Only one Eroded enemy can exist at a time. After it has been killed, the player must wait until the next morning for a new one to spawn. The player can use Neil's "Erosion Status" dialogue option to see where the current Eroded enemy is located in the world. The Ring of the Fallen, sold by Erazor, will point in the direction of an Eroded enemy when it is nearby.


Enemy Spawn Area
Eroded Corruptor.pngEroded Corruptor Underground Corruption
Eroded Flaming Spirit.pngEroded Flaming Spirit Fiery Caves
Eroded Harpy.pngEroded Harpy Space
Eroded Ichor Sticker.pngEroded Ichor Sticker Underground Crimson
Eroded Lamia.pngEroded Lamia Underground Desert
Eroded Tunneler.pngEroded Tunneler Cavern
Eroded Winged Furia.pngEroded Winged Furia Fiery Caves