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Events are unique occurrences that provide interesting gameplay elements, such as new enemies and drops. Shadows of Abaddon adds a few things to existing events, increasing the amount of content the game offers.

Blood Moon[]

A new weapon, the Bloodbath, is added.

Piglin Army[]

Main article: Piglin Army

The Piglin army is an event added by the mod that can be started with the Piglin Army Banner. The event consists of 5 waves of enemies with each wave being stronger than the last. During each wave the player must kill an increasing amount of nether portals to progress. On the 5th wave a Zombie Piglin Brute will emerge from a big nether portal and must be defeated to kill the big nether portal and end the event.

Pirate Invasion[]

Two new weapons, the Golden Glory and Emperor's Scepter, are added.

Solar Eclipse[]

Multiple new items have been added with Broken Hero Swords as a recipe.

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