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The additions to Fishing are to provide powerful potions for the player to use

Fishing Gear[]

Fishing Rods[]

Fishing Pole Source Fishing Power Velocity Sell Rarity Notes Bobber
Fiery Catcher.png Fiery Catcher Crafted: 30 Flarium Crystal.png + 15 Draconium Alloy.png   @   Flarium Anvil.png 80% 11 25 Gold Coin.png Rarity Level: Flarium
  • Can fish in lava.
Bobber (Fiery).png
Caster of Light.png Caster of Light Sold by Pandolar Salvager after The Lost Siblings have been defeated (5 Platinum Coin.png) 100% 22 1 Platinum Coin.png Rarity Level: Special
  • Can fish in lava.
  • Fires two fishing lines at once.
Caster of Light (bobber).png


Material Fish[]

Type Value Rarity Source Notes
Fiery Fin.png Fiery Fin 25 Silver Coin Rarity Level: Flarium Flame Razed Forest Used in Flare Elixirs, Mega Healing Potions, Mega Mana Potions and Draconium Skin Potions
Blazefury.png Blazefury 50 Silver Coin Rarity Level: Flarium Lava in the Fiery Caves Used in Flare Elixirs and Draconium Skin Potions

Useable items[]

Item Type Source Description
Claymarine.pngClaymarine Weapon Fished during Hardmode with a 1 in 100000 chance from Water and 1 in 50000 chance from Lava. Can be enhanced throughout the game using Mystic Stones when shown to the Pandolar Salvager.
Fiery Beamfish.pngFiery Beamfish Weapon Fished from the Flame Razed Forest or Fiery Caves with a 1 of 100 chance. Fires a Flarium Beam that can inflict the Flarium Inferno debuff.


Type Value Rarity Biome
Flarium Crate.png Flarium Crate No value Rarity Level: Flarium Flame Razed Forest and Fiery Caves
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