Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

The Shadows of Abaddon mod adds two new sets of furniture, a variety of new Crafting stations, and an assortment of various functional and decorative furniture items.

Crafting stations

Hellstone Altar.pngHellstone Altar

Oblivion Forge.pngOblivion Forge

Flarium Workbench.pngFlarium Workbench

Flarium Anvil.pngFlarium Anvil

Flarium Forge.pngFlarium Forge

Tiridium Infuser.pngTiridium Infuser

Asthraltite Workbench.pngAsthraltite Workbench

Asthraltite Bookcase.pngAsthraltite Bookcase

Flarium Bookcase.pngFlarium Bookcase

Light sources

Flarium Candle.pngFlarium Candle

Asthraltite Candle.pngAsthraltite Candle

Flarium Candelabra.pngFlarium Candelabra

Asthraltite Candelabra.pngAsthraltite Candelabra

Flarium Lamp.pngFlarium Lamp

Asthraltite Lamp.pngAsthraltite Lamp

Asthraltite Lantern.pngAsthraltite Lantern

Flarium Torch.pngFlarium Torch

Flarium Chandelier.pngFlarium Chandelier

Asthraltite Chandelier.pngAsthraltite Chandelier

Pandolar Sigil.pngPandolar Sigil


Flarium Chest.pngFlarium Chest

Tiridium Vault.pngTiridium Vault

Asthraltite Chest.pngAsthraltite Chest


Flarium Bed.pngFlarium Bed

Asthraltite Bed.pngAsthraltite Bed

Flarium Door.pngFlarium Door

Asthraltite Door.pngAsthraltite Door

Furia Banner.pngBanner

Emberbark Platform.pngEmberbark Platform

Asthraltite Platform.pngAsthraltite Platform

Music Box (Firestorm).pngMusic Box

Quasar Monolith.pngQuasar Monolith

Rain Drum.pngRain Drum

Flarium Dresser.pngFlarium Dresser

Asthraltite Dresser.pngAsthraltite Dresser


Flarium Chair.pngFlarium Chair

Asthraltite Chair.pngAsthraltite Chair

Flarium Table.pngFlarium Table

Asthraltite Table.pngAsthraltite Table

Flarium Crate.pngFlarium Crate

Asthraltite Sofa.pngAsthraltite Sofa

Potted Bulb.pngPotted Bulb

Flaming Beanbag.pngFlaming Beanbag

Bone Throne.pngBone Throne

Royal Throne.pngRoyal Throne

Abaddon Statue.pngStatues

Lost Siblings Trophy.pngLost Siblings Trophy

Furniture: Flarium Anvil.png Crafting Stations • Flarium Lamp.png Light Sources • Asthraltite Chest.png Storage Items • Potted Bulb.png Other Items