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True Mode content: This information applies only to True Mode and True Mode worlds.
Glass Hearts
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Glass Heart (Abaddon).png Glass Heart (Araghur).png Glass Heart (Lost Siblings).png Glass Heart (Erazor).png
Type Consumable
Use time 30 (Average)
Tooltip Permanently increases maximum life by 50
Cannot be consumed until all life fruits have been consumed
Sell 10 Platinum Coin

Glass Hearts are True Mode-exclusive consumables obtained by defeating their respective boss while having a Glass Soul equipped. Consuming a glass heart with all Life Crystals and Life Fruits consumed will grant you 50 more maximum health, with all 4 hearts giving you 200 more health.


  • Each Glass Heart has the symbol and main color of the boss it belongs to on its design.
  • The mechanic of obtaining the hearts is a reference to Master Rounds from Enter the Gungeon, which are obtained by defeating a boss without getting hit.
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  • 1.1: Introduced.