Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

Grab bags are items that contain various types of loot chosen randomly when opened. They can be opened in the inventory by right-clicking on the item.


Grab Bag Contains Acquired From
Asthraltite Arrow Pack.png Asthraltite Arrow Pack Asthraltite Arrow Bought from Erazor for 5 Asthraltite Plating.
Asthraltite Bullet Pack.png Asthraltite Bullet Pack Asthraltite Bullet Bought from Erazor for 5 Asthraltite Plating.
Asthraltite Rocket Pack.png Asthraltite Rocket Pack Asthraltite Rocket Bought from Erazor for 5 Asthraltite Plating.
Asthraltite Brick Containment Unit.png Asthraltite Brick Containment Unit Asthraltite Brick Bought from Erazor for 10 Asthraltite Plating.
Sealed Bag.png Sealed Bag Various Developer Items. Defeated Expert Mode bosses.
Flarium Crate.png Flarium Crate Ninja Focus Potion, Wind Resistance Potion, Nightmare Fuel Potion, Flare Elixir, Super Healing Potion, Super Mana Potion, Flare Essentia, Emberbark, Bars, Master Bait (after defeating Araghur, the Flare Serpent) Mega Healing Potion, Mega Mana Potion, Flarium Crystal Caught in Flame Razed Forest and Fiery Caves.
Treasure Bag.gif Treasure Bag Items dropped by bosses, including their Expert Mode exclusive item Defeated Expert Mode bosses.
Consumables: Mega Healing Potion.png Potions ( Wind Resistance Potion.png Buff Potions) • Flarium Bullet.png Ammunition • Vial of Fiery Blood.png Materials ( Asthraltite Shards.png Drops • Oblivion Shard.png Ores • Oblivion Bar.png Bars) • Asthraltite Plating.png Other