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Harpy Queen, Raynare
Harpy Queen, Raynare.png
Type Boss
Environment SurfaceNight
AI Type Harpy Queen AI
Damage 60 / 70 (melee)
40 / 80 (Red Feather)
60 / 120 (Spirit Feather)
80 / 160 (Red Spell)
40 / 80 (Feathershield)
60 / 120 (Feathershield, shot)
Max Life 45,000 / 55,000
Defense 15
KB Resist 100%
Coins 20 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Royal Harpy Feather.png Royal Harpy Feather
• 3-16
Raynare Mask.png Raynare Mask
Harpy Queen Trophy.png Harpy Queen Trophy
Treasure Bag (Harpy Queen, Raynare).png Treasure Bag (Raynare)
• in Expert Mode only

Map Icon Harpy Queen, Raynare.png
Map Icon

Raynare is a Hardmode boss summoned using the Queen's Rose at night anywhere in the world.

She acts very similarly in AI to Jensen, the Grand Harpy as well as looking very similar and being of royal Harpy blood, and can be considered the Hardmode equivalent of Jensen.

Defeating her is required to upgrade the Harpy Weapons. It will also allow the Scavenger to sell the Music Box (Red-Winged Menace), which is the track that plays while fighting her.


Phase 1[]

  • Fires splitting red feathers
  • Dashes at the player
  • Has a chance to summon a Royal Harpy when being hit

Phase 2[]

Raynare's second phase is initiated when she falls below 50% of her health, similar to Jensen, she will remain invulnerable for a short while and empower herself, dealing more damage, gaining more defense and changing her attack pattern. She will also summon 10 more Royal Harpies and Yofaress to aid her in battle. Her attacks change to the following:

  • Fires fast moving wallbreaking spirit feathers
  • Dashes at the player with increased speed
  • Summons a ring of feathers that all fire at the player if not destroyed in time
  • Fires multiple homing spells at the player which break on collision with blocks

In Expert Mode

  • While Yofaress is alive, Raynare remains invulnerable.


  • Harpy Queen Raynare's theme is Red Winged Menace, which was composed by the artist Turquoise.
  • Raynare is Jensen's older sister, ruling over the kingdom of Winterfloat.


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