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Mega Mana Potion
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Mega Mana Potion inventory icon
Type Potion
Heals Mana 350
Use time 38 (Very Slow)
Rarity Rarity Level: Cernium
Sell No Value

Mega Mana Potions are mana potions that can be crafted with Super Mana Potions, Vial of Fiery Blood, Flare Essentia and Fiery Fins. Upon consumption, it restores 350 mana.

As with all mana potions, it also inflicts Mana Sickness, reducing the consumer's magic damage.



Crafting Station
Placed Bottle.png Placed
Alchemy Table.png Alchemy
Ingredient(s) Amount
Super Mana Potion.png Super Mana Potion 3
Vial of Fiery Blood.png Vial of Fiery Blood 1
Fiery Fin.png Fiery Fin 1
Enduflora.png Enduflora 1
Mega Mana Potion.png Mega Mana Potion 3


  • The Rarity color cernium.png rarity of the Mega Mana Potion was originally intended to be used for the scrapped 0.24 Deepfreeze Update, but 1.0 was the next update after 0.23.4. This leaves the Mega Mana Potion as the only item of its rarity for now.
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