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Fortune and glory, kid.
Expert Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.
Type NPC
AI Type Passive
Max Life 1500
Defense 100
KB Resist 50%

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Map Icon
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.

h. hhhh. hhhhhhh. hhhhhhhhhhhh.

— Neil

Neil the Cloaked Alchemist is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following conditions have been met:

When threatened by enemies, he will defend himself with Accursed Molotovs.

Trade Items[]

Trading UI

As opposed to having a normal shop, Neil instead trades items with the player in a special UI. Neil's current trade is randomized at the start of the day, and he gets a new trade every time the player trades with him.


  • Input Amount Availability
    Illumifern.pngIllumifern 5-15 Always available.
    Welkinbell.pngWelkinbell 5-15 Always available.
    Enduflora.pngEnduflora 5-15 Always available.
    Strange Plant (purple).pngStrange Plant (purple) 2-4 Always available.
    Strange Plant (orange).pngStrange Plant (orange) 2-4 Always available.
    Strange Plant (green).pngStrange Plant (green) 2-4 Always available.
    Strange Plant (red).pngStrange Plant (red) 2-4 Always available.
    Gel.pngGel 50-100 Always available.
    Chlorophyte Ore.pngChlorophyte Ore 20-50 Always available.
    Life Fruit.pngLife Fruit 1-5 Always available.
    Life Crystal.pngLife Crystal 1-5 Always available.
    Decree Fur.pngDecree Fur 20-35 Always available.
    Life Ember.pngLife Ember 20-35 Always available.
    Grand Harpy Feather.pngGrand Harpy Feather 20-35 Always available.
    Venom Sample.pngVenom Sample 10-25 Always available.
    Royal Harpy Feather.pngRoyal Harpy Feather 10-25 Always available.
    Soul of Light.pngSoul of Light 10-30 Always available.
    Soul of Night.pngSoul of Night 10-30 Always available.
    Beetle Husk.pngBeetle Husk 5-10 Always available.
    Mutant Cells.pngMutant Cells 5-10 Always available.
    Solar Fragment.pngSolar Fragment 10-15 Always available.
    Nebula Fragment.pngNebula Fragment 10-15 Always available.
    Vortex Fragment.pngVortex Fragment 10-15 Always available.
    Stardust Fragment.pngStardust Fragment 10-15 Always available.
    Quasar Fragment.pngQuasar Fragment 10-15 Always available.
    Eldritch Spark.pngEldritch Spark 5-10 Always available.
    Sinister Element.pngSinister Element 10-20 Always available.
    Trace of Chaos.pngTrace of Chaos 5-10 Always available.
    Flare Essentia.pngFlare Essentia 10-20 Araghur has been defeated.
    Blazefury.pngBlazefury 2-5 Araghur has been defeated.
    Luminous Energy.pngLuminous Energy 10-15 The Lost Siblings has been defeated.
    Erosion Sample.pngErosion Sample 10-15 Erazor has been defeated.
    Ember of Omen.pngEmber of Omen 10-15 Nihilus has been defeated.
  • Outputs[]

  • Output Amount Availability
    Lunidium Coin.pngLunidium Coins 100-300 Always available.
    Krystea Elixir.pngKrystea Elixir 10-30 Erazor has been defeated in True Mode.
    Ahrista Elixir.pngAhrista Elixir 10-30 Erazor has been defeated in True Mode.
    H.pngh 2-4 The Lost Siblings have been defeated in True Mode.
    Number One.pngNumber One 2-4 The Lost Siblings have been defeated in True Mode.
    Serious Syrusian Syrup.pngSerious Syrusian Syrup 2-4 Always available.
    Flarium Flurry.pngFlarium Flurry 2-4 Always available.
    All Big Lux Enhancement Shards.gifAny Big Lux Enhancement Shard 1 Abaddon, Araghur and The Lost Siblings have been defeated in True Mode.
    All Equipment Cubes.gifAny Equipment Cube 1 Abaddon has been defeated in True Mode.
  • Erosion Status[]

    After defeating Abaddon, Araghur and The Lost Siblings, Neil can tell the player where an eroded enemy will spawn that day.

  • Biome Enemy Quote
    None None "I think the uh... purple retired for today.. Ask me again after my nap."
    Caverns.pngCaverns Eroded Tunneler.pngEroded Tunneler "Y'know rocky place? Well, there are crystal-y worms. Yes, worms. wORMS. WORMS."
    Underground Hallow.pngUnderground Hallow Eroded Tunneler.pngEroded Tunneler "Rainbows... Unicorns... Purple... Wait, purple? PURPLE PLACE JUST GOT MORE PURPLE"
    Underground Crimson.pngUnderground Crimson Eroded Ichor Sticker.pngEroded Ichor Sticker "Purple eyeballs... Purple teeth... purple flesh... ew."
    Underground Corruption.pngUnderground Corruption Eroded Corruptor.pngEroded Corruptor "Purple eyeballs... Purple teeth... purple flesh... ew."
    Sky.pngSky Eroded Harpy.pngEroded Harpy "The purple stuff is higher than me! It pierced the heaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeens!!!"
    Underground Desert.pngUnderground Desert Eroded Lamia.pngEroded Lamia "So that place... With sand that defies gravity... It uhhhhh got infected with purple I think. If ya hear screams just nut and bolt"
    Flame Razed Forest (Fiery Caves).pngFlame Razed Forest (Fiery Caves) Eroded Flaming Spirit.pngEroded Flaming Spirit / Eroded Winged Furia.pngEroded Winged Furia "Y'know, dude, I always loved the flame razed forest. Good thing you have one here... Oh wait, it's infected with erosion. Why would I go there? It's just a bigger hassle to get ingredients now!"
  • Names[]

    • Neil is the only name this Town NPC can have.


    • "Shrooms? Shrooooooooooms. Shrooooooooooooooooooooooooms." (Only if in a Glowing Mushroom biome)
    • "You now breathe manually, also your nose just floated away"
    • "How high am I? Uh, 6 foot I think"
    • "Tell that talking rock behind you to shut up"
    • "Ever seen giant red-eyed cyborg chickens around here? Good, thank me for that"
    • "Is it liz-ack-hurd or.. lih-zak-ard?"
    • "despaircito"
    • "You probably wonder what I do with all these ingredients huh? Well, I am not sure myself"
    • "I am not sure if I am hallucinating or not, but earlier I saw some flying eyeballs outside, right after saying hi to the rocket-powered icecream man with oversized jeans"
    • "Hey man there's an uhh.... hand on your shoulder"
    • "Ya might think us demons have a hard time with doors, but... dude, that ain't true. Don't believe their lies."
    • "Open the door, get on the floor, everybody do the stegosaurus"
    • "Since when do you have 20 eyes and 7 mouths? Get that fixed."
    • "New potion who dis"
    • "Am I a number of the alphabet? Are YOU a number of the alphabet?! ARE WE ALL NUMBERS OF THE ALPHABET?!?!?!?"
    • "h. hhhh. hhhhhhh. hhhhhhhhhhhh."
    • "They call me the drug machine- No they don't stop lying"
    • "I have seven tongues in the back of my head."
    • "Yeah I am currently on a heavy dosage of wednesdays"
    • "I studied alchemy in the highest academy on Syrus, so I can get a drink whenever I feel like it."
    • "No I am not high, you are high! How did you even get into my room?"
    • "My hair? Oh yeah it's a scythe. I saw it work in an anime once."
    • "F to my mans hair noodle cherry boi"
    • "*Poses menacingly*"
    • "Hey so uuuuuuuuuhhhhh the funny nightmare man is making people have goodn't dreams again"
    • "No I don't have a war face stop screaming at me"


    • Updated trading system.
    • 1.1.1: Trading system introduced
    • 1.1: Introduced
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