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True Mode content: This information applies only to True Mode and True Mode worlds.
Novaniel's Resolve
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inventory icon   when dropped
Type Accessory
Tooltip 'The physical manifestation of Novaniel's determination and will.'
Hitting enemies has a chance to unleash one of Novaniel's devastating attacks
30 second cooldown
Rarity Rarity Level: Challenge
Sell 20 Platinum Coin

Novaniel's Resolve is a post-Moon Lord accessory obtained from The Lost Siblings in True Mode.

It can only be obtained by not damaging Novaniel until 3 minutes have passed, and then defeating him in the remaining minute.

When attacking enemies there is a chance of unleashing one of Novaniel's moves, after which a 30 second cooldown is initiated.

  • Slash: A set of nine energy waves is shot towards the hit enemy.
  • Kunai Throw: Throws two sets of charged kunai at the hit target, these do not pierce.
  • Rift Summon: Summons a rift that fires blade projections at the enemy.
  • Wing Blades: Summons 8 blade projections and waves of energy blades that stick to the ground and linger for a while.
  • Blade Eruption: Creates multiple rifts below the hit enemy, which release blades upwards.
  • Quasar Mines: Summons a set of quasar mines near the player that have weak homing and turn into large spheres on contact or when running out of time.


  • 1.1: Introduced.
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