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True Mode content: This information applies only to True Mode and True Mode worlds.
Nuba's Blessing
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Nuba's Blessing inventory icon
Type Accessory
Tooltip Magic critical strikes absorb mana
Rarity Rarity Level: Shadowflare
Buy / Sell 450 Lunidium Coin / 30 Gold Coin.png

Lumina Barrage triggering the mana absorption on a crit.

Nuba's Blessing is a post-Moon Lord accessory that is bought from Nuba for 450 Lunidium Coin after Erazor has been defeated on True Mode. When equipped, magic critical strike will have a 20% chance to replenish a portion of your mana.


  • 1.1.1: Magic critical strikes now have a 20% chance to replenish mana rather than 100%.
  • 1.1: Now only available in True Mode.
  • 1.0.4: Introduced.
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