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Pandolar Salvager
Pandolar Salvager.png
Type NPC
AI Type Passive
Damage 20
60 (Hardmode)
110 (post-Lunatic Cultist)
Max Life 500
Defense 50
KB Resist 50%

Map Icon Pandolar Salvager.png
Map Icon
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.

That fluffy bear is so cute!!


Reggie the Pandolar Salvager is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following conditions have been met:

  • There is an empty house.
  • The Decree has been defeated.
  • He has been freed from the ice in the (surface) Snow Biome during any time.

When threatened by enemies, he will defend himself depending on the world's progress:


The Pandolar Salvager gives the player certain items depending on what requirements have been met. It can only be used once every 10 real minutes.

  • Item(s) Amount Requirements Quote
    Mysterious Gem.png Mysterious Gem 1 First time button is clicked "Here, take this, I have found this on my journey here and have no use for it. Maybe it will come in handy?"
    Snow Block.png Snow Block
    Ice Block.png Ice Block
    None "I didn't find any interesting things on my trip through the taiga, have some snow, maybe it helps to cool things down."
    Sapphire.png Sapphire
    Ruby.png Ruby
    Amethyst.png Amethyst
    Topaz.png Topaz
    Diamond.png Diamond
    Emerald.png Emerald
    0-5 The Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated. "I went on a mining trip earlier today, found some things that might be useful to you. Here, take these."
    Decree Fur.png Decree Fur 5-11 The Decree has been defeated. "Oh man... it feels so nice to get my hands on some of this fur. The raw magic power from it is bursting at the seams... Also, they hunt us on our home planet for our magical potential. It seems the prey has become the predator! In fact, why don't you take some? I can't possibly use all of it."
    Demonite Bar.png Demonite Bar
    Shadow Scale.png Shadow Scale
    The Eater of Worlds has been defeated and the world's evil is The Corruption. "It's interesting how the great corrupted worm is entirely made up of demonite and shadow scales. Speaking of them, take some you missed!"
    Crimtane Bar.png Crimtane Bar
    Tissue Sample.png Tissue Sample
    The Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated and the world's evil is The Crimson. "Those creepers which circle the brain live up to their name! Take the tissue samples and crimtane you left, I don't want to be reminded of them!"
    Bee Wax.png Bee Wax
    Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
    The Queen Bee has been defeated. "While researching the jungle hives, I found some bee wax from a totally destroyed hive. On the way back, I dropped by a pumpkin patch and snagged a couple. Maybe they'll bee of use to you?"
    Bone.png Bone
    Golden Key.png Golden Key
    1 (1 in 10 chance)
    Skeletron has been defeated. "I recognized some of those skeletons... they were merchants I stol- uh I mean bought from! Take some bones you dropped down there."
    Soul of Night.png Soul of Night
    Soul of Light.png Soul of Light
    Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard
    The Wall of Flesh has been defeated. "I decided to go spelunking after the guide was killed. Man, I'm not sure what you did down there, but things just got a lot harder! Here are some of my findings from down there."
    Hallowed Bar.png Hallowed Bar
    Soul of Might.png Soul of Might
    Soul of Sight.png Soul of Sight
    Soul of Fright.png Soul of Fright
    The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime have been defeated. "I noticed some scrap metal that fell off those mechanical creatures you fought earlier. Don't be deceived by our love of cold, us Pandolars are great blacksmiths!"
    Feather.png Feather
    Grand Harpy Feather.png Grand Harpy Feather
    The Harpy Queen, Raynare has been defeated. "After your battle with the Harpy Queen, feathers were scattered EVERYWHERE. I think I may have even found some of Jensen's lying in there too..."
    Lihzahrd Brick.png Lihzahrd Brick
    Solar Tablet Fragment.png Solar Tablet Fragment
    Golem has been defeated. "I dropped by the jungle temple earlier, and found some fragments of some sort of tablet along with a couple of loose bricks. The bricks almost look like they could be used in some sort of bar..."
    Soul of Tide.png Soul of Tide 2-10 Duke Fishron has been defeated. "When I explored the ocean, I found a huge fish, and it was dead as usual. When I went to see what I could get out of it, I found a huge abundance of souls just sitting in it. I think you'd have more of a use for them than I do."
    Solar Fragment.png Solar Fragment
    Vortex Fragment.png Vortex Fragment
    Nebula Fragment.png Nebula Fragment
    Stardust Fragment.png Stardust Fragment
    Quasar Fragment.png Quasar Fragment
    2-5 The Celestial Towers have been defeated. "Man, that was a lot of celestial aliens. I think they come from the moon... well, anyways, I managed to salvage a few fragments that I think you missed."
    Oblivion Shard.png Oblivion Shard 5-15 Abaddon, the Source of the Affliction has been defeated "After you defeated Abaddon, all those nightmares of being on the sun went away! I'm shivering just thinking about it... however, I did dream about a specific location underground. When I went there, I found some of this ore. Take some of it, I don't have an inkling on what it's for."
    Flarium Crystal.png Flarium Crystal
    Vial of Fiery Blood.png Vial of Fiery Blood
    Araghur, the Flare Serpent has been defeated "I visited the Fiery Caves after you defeated Araghur, and managed to collect some samples while I was there. Maybe they could be of use to you?"
    Lunidium Coin.png Lunidium Coin 2-10 The Lost Siblings have been defeated "I spoke to Nuba earlier, and I must say, the civilization of the Soraniti Empire seems quite interesting! She thanked me for having a conversation with her, and gave me these coins. She said they're a special currency on Soran. I have no use for them, so you should take them."
    Sealed Bag.png Sealed Bag 1 Erazor has been defeated "I had a talk with that 'Challenger' dude. He didn't give much away about his identity, but he did give me this. It's contents are of no real use to me, so maybe you can use them?"
  • Items sold[]


    Item Cost Availability
    Pandolar Mask.png Pandolar Mask 1 Gold Coin Always.
    Pandolar Paws.png Pandolar Paws 1 Gold Coin Always.
    Illean Panel.png Illean Panel 10 Copper Coin Always.
    Leather.png Leather 50 Copper Coin If the Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated.
    Illean Bar.png Illean Bar 10 Silver Coin If the Queen Bee has been defeated.
    Cryodite Wings.png Cryodite Wings 50 Gold Coin If the Lunatic Cultist has been defeated.
    Cryodite Lance.png Cryodite Lance 80 Gold Coin If the Lunatic Cultist has been defeated.
    Caster of Light.png Caster of Light 5 Platinum Coin If the Lost Siblings have been defeated.
    Pandolar Sigil.png Pandolar Sigil 1 Gold Coin If a Party is active.
    Hero Shirt.png Hero Shirt 10 Gold Coin If a Party is active.
    Hero Leggings.png Hero Leggings 10 Gold Coin If a Party is active.


    The Pandolar Salvager will always be named Reggie.


    • "If I wasn't trained in thermal flow mastery, I would be melting right now, it's still pretty hot for me though."
    • "Sometimes I think about licking ice cubes..."
    • "You wanna buy something??"
    • "I can smell you..."
    • "I have a multitude of furs. If you got that muney"
    • "Ariketik is a place that's very hostile for life to develop, it only really hosts us Pandolars and the feared Howling Deaths and Decrees. There might be other species but the constant blizzards and fog make it hard to really find anything."
    • "There's a myth about humans turning into mutants after bathing in the blood of monsters, lets hope you don't end up that way as well."
    • "You got some spare ice blocks? It's really hot right now."
    • "My old home looked way better than this."
    • "You want something??"
    • "Danim Zedonibēùs"
    • "Je lowù all teshat bomus"
    • "You can call me a panda, just be prepared to have your guts all over that floor"
    • "Call me Olar for short, or Ollllaaaarrr for long"
    • "Parties are great. Balloons, blinking lights, music... the only thing that it's missing is a giant ice statue." (When a Party is active)
    • "If you defeat the Grand Harpy, I will be able to get Magical Snow Bars!" (Only if The Grand Harpy hasn't been defeated.)
    • "If you kill that mean Harpy Raynare, I could give you something special" (Only if Harpy Queen, Raynare hasn't been defeated.)
    • "I keep getting nightmares because of that stupid Abaddon! Please kill him for me, then I will have a special reward for you!" (Only if Abaddon, the Source of the Affliction hasn't been defeated.)
    • "I heard about a giant serpent made out of flames and obsidian! With a few of its scales I could make some cool things..." (Only if the Flare Serpent hasn't been defeated.)
    • "It's nice to see that Nuba has finally accepted that there is yet no way to bring their father back, she'll help us a lot in trying to find a way back to Syrus." (If Nuba is present.)


    Christmas Pandolar.png
    • When the Christmas season is active, the Pandolar will wear a different (and far more festive) outfit which can be seen to the right.
    • The quotes "I once was in a land called Fargonia, the people there look very... weird..." and "There's a myth about Humans turning into Mutants after killing too many bosses, lets hope you don't end that way too." are references to Fargo's Mutant Mod.
    • The name Reggie is MuralGlobe's, the originator of Pandolars, real name.
    • If a player has on autopause while trying to wake the Pandolar during its initial encounter, it will bring up a unique line of dialogue, stating to turn off autopause or the Pandolar will haunt the player's nightmares.
    • The quote "You look tired. Stop it. Get some help." is a reference to Michael Jordan in an anti-drug commercial.
    • The quote "I can smell you..." is a reference to a gameplay video of someone pretending to be Morgan Freeman
    • Throwing a Rotten Egg at the Pandolar will cause it to be reflected back, dealing massive damage and displaying the death message "<player> messed with the Pandolar" if they are killed.


    • 1.1.1: Now always called Reggie.
    • 1.1: Now has to be rescued from an ice chunk after Decree is defeated
    • 1.0.5: Renamed
    • Revamped the Salvaged Items system
    • 1.0: Added the Salvaged Items system
    • 0.10.0: Introduced.
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