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The Piglin Army is a post-Skeletron, Minecraft-themed event that can be summoned with the Piglin Army Banner. It can be summoned at any time of the day on the Surface. During the event, multiple forms of Zombie Piglins and other Minecraft-themed enemies will spawn from Nether Portals as the player progresses through the event. It is similar to the Pumpkin Moon and the Frost Moon, albeit much smaller in scale with less enemies, items and waves. It also has an associated boss, the Zombie Piglin Brute.

The entire event consists of 5 waves, with the Zombie Piglin Brute spawning from the large Nether Portal on the 5th Wave. During each wave, Nether Portals will spawn in that will endlessly summon enemies until it is destroyed. To progress through the waves, the player must kill all 6 Nether Portals to start the next wave, bringing in new enemies.

The Piglin Army event ends when the Large Nether Portal has been destroyed in the 5th wave or if all Players have been killed.

The Piglin Army Banner which summons the Piglin Army drops from Withered Carriers, which spawn in the Underworld and Dungeon.


Piglin Army
Characters Unique Drops
Zombie Piglin.png Zombie Piglin
Zombie Piglin Crossbower.png Zombie Piglin Crossbower
Chicken Jockey.png Chicken Jockey
Blaze.png Blaze


Zombie Piglin Brute.png Zombie Piglin Brute

From Zombie Piglins, Zombie Piglin Crossbowers and Chicken Jockeys:

Gold Nugget.png Gold Nugget

From Blazes:

Blaze Rod.png Blaze Rod

From Chicken Jockeys:

Rotten Drumstick.png Rotten Drumstick

From Zombie Piglin Brute:

Missing Fury.png Missing Fury
Ribarang.png Ribarang
Sausbow.png Sausbow
Dead Voxel.png Dead Voxel
Strange Map.png Strange Map
Treasure Bag (Zombie Piglin Brute).pngTreasure Bag(Zombie Piglin Brute)


  • Other weather events such as the Blood Moon can overlap with the Piglin Army event.
  • The event is intended to be fought after Skeletron has been defeated.


  • The Old One's Army theme plays during this event.
    • A new music track Infernal Assault which will play during the first tier, that was composed by musicman will be released in a future update.
  • This is the first event added to Shadows of Abaddon.
  • Furthermore, the event and much of its contents are based off of the Fallen Kingdom series by Captain Sparklez.


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