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The Midnightblade.png
The Midnightblade.png
This is a developer item! It is made for: Skyre Ventes
Serial Mask
Serial Mask inventory icon
Type Vanity
Body slot Social Helmet
Tooltip 'You feel like you want to make music'
Rarity Rarity Level: Developer
Sell 1 Gold Coin

The Serial Mask is a developer vanity item equipped in the Social Helmet Slot. As with all other developer items, the Serial Mask can be obtained from Sealed Bags or Key to the Heart if the player was named "Skyre" or "Skyre Ventes". It is dedicated to Skyre Ventes, a musician for the Shadows of Abaddon mod.

Equipable Items: Asthraltite Breastplate.png Armor • Flight Feather.png Accessories ( Solar Sigil.png Combat) • Pandolar Mask.png Vanity