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"A mysterious reality-bender known only as the incarnation of nightmares, Abaddon, has found a small dimension known as 'Terraria'. It certainly is an interesting one, but it could use a little more... spicing up.

Thus, he has created gateways from his home world, Syrus, to the land of Terraria - trapping the syrusians in the process. Now, lost and confused in this strange new land, they desperately search for a way home.

You, the player, must defeat much stronger foes than you have ever faced before. You must find new allies - some who even used to be enemies - in order to find a way to defeat Abaddon and open a gateway back to Syrus. But for now, his shadows loom across the lands Terraria..."

The Shadows of Abaddon Mod, formerly known as SacredTools, is a large content mod for Terraria.

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