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The Snow biome features 3 new Pre-hardmode enemies that can be encountered during a Blizzard, and is the required biome to summon and fight The Decree. Mysterious Frozen Creatures may also be found here during a Blizzard, which when killed will awaken The Decree.

A new structure, the Shrine of H can be found within the Ice Biome. It composed entirely of Ice Bricks, Ice Brick Walls and a singular Ice Chest which contains nothing but a single Charm of H.


Snow Biome
Characters Unique Drops

During a Blizzard:

Frigid Jellyfish.png Frigid Jellyfish
Frigid Slime.png Frigid Slime
Frigid Spirit.png Frigid Spirit
Mysterious Frozen Creature.png Mysterious Frozen Creature


The Decree.png The Decree

From Frigid Jellyfish, Frigid Slimes and Frigid Spirits:

Frigid Ooze.png Frigid Ooze

From The Decree:

Decree Fur.png Decree Fur
Lesser Healing Potion.png Lesser Healing Potion
Decree Mask.png Decree Mask
Decree Trophy.png Decree Trophy
Treasure Bag (The Decree).png Treasure Bag
Frigid Pendant.png Frigid Pendant

From the Shrine of H:

Charm of H.png Charm of H


The Snow/ice biome contains the only new structure in the mod (the Shrine of H).

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