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Solus Katana
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Solus Katana inventory icon
Type Weapon
Damage 450 (Melee)
Knockback 5 (Average)
Critical chance 4%
Use time 20 (Very Fast)
Tooltip Right click to shoot solus kunai
Rarity Rarity Level: Special
Sell 25 Gold Coin

Solus Katana left and right-click animations.

The Solus Katana is a Post-Moon Lord melee weapon. Left-clicking will allow it to act somewhat like the Arkhalis, making a damaging slash effect. It can combo up to 3 times, the first click being a downwards slash effect, the second being a horizontal slash, and the third being a sort of jab motion. Right-clicking will stop the player mid-air and launch 3 solus kunai downwards. The kunai travel for a bit before standing still or hitting a wall and will explode when touching enemies or running out of time. This ability has a five second cooldown.

Its best modifier is Legendary



Crafting Station
Tiridium Infuser.png Tiridium Infuser
Ingredient(s) Amount
Katana.png Katana 1
Tiridium Bar.png Tiridium Bar 20
Flarium Crystal.png Flarium Crystal 50
Solus Katana.png Solus Katana 1



  • 1.0.4: Reworked and changed recipe.
  • 0.20.0: Introduced.
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