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The Lost Siblings
The Lost Siblings.png
Type Boss
Coins 2 Platinum Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Luminous Energy.png Luminous Energy
• 30-60
Lost Siblings Trophy.png Lost Siblings Trophy
Asteroid Shower.png Asteroid Shower
• from Treasure Bag
Lightning Rifle.png Lightning Rifle
• from Treasure Bag
Cosmic Cloud Bracelet.png Cosmic Cloud Bracelet
• from Treasure Bag
Star Scourge.png Star Scourge
• from Treasure Bag
Blind Justice - Prototype 01.png Blind Justice - Prototype 01
• from Treasure Bag
Treasure Bag (The Lost Siblings).png Treasure Bag (The Lost Siblings)
• in Expert Mode only
Glass Heart (Lost Siblings).png Glass Heart (Lost Siblings)
• in True Mode only when defeated with a Glass Soul equipped.
Novaniel's Resolve.png Novaniel's Resolve
• in True Mode only when Novaniel is not damaged until his third empowerment and defeated within one minute afterwards.

It is not over yet...

— Novaniel

The Lost Siblings are Post-Moon Lord bosses fought after Araghur, the Flare Serpent is defeated.

They can be summoned using the Emblem of Soran at any time. Upon consumption it will summon four bosses: Nuba/Nuba's Shadow, Solarius, Dustite and Voxa.


(Nuba's Shadow)
Nuba.png Nuba's Shadow.png
Type Boss
AI Type Nuba AI
Damage 150 / 200
Max Life 120,000 / 170,000
Defense 40

Map Icon Nuba.png
Map Icon
Type Boss
AI Type Solarius AI
Damage 200 / 230
Max Life 170,000 / 220,000
Defense 80

Map Icon Solarius.png
Map Icon
Type Boss
AI Type Dustite AI
Damage 200 / 220
Max Life 110,000 / 160,000
Defense 0

Map Icon Dustite.png
Map Icon
Type Boss
AI Type Voxa AI
Damage 200 / 210
Max Life 100,000 / 150,000
Defense 20

Map Icon Voxa.png
Map Icon
Type Boss
AI Type Novaniel AI
Damage 150 / 210
Max Life 500,000 / 600,000
Defense 300
Inflicts debuff
Shattered Armor.png Shattered Armor
20% (Empowerment 1 and 2) /
100% (Empowerment 3) chance
Debuff duration 10 seconds
Debuff tooltip Defense is cut in half
Inflicts debuff
Distorted Weapon.png Distorted Weapon
20% (Empowerment 2) /
100% (Empowerment 3) chance
Debuff duration 10 seconds
Debuff tooltip Your weapon is weakened

Map Icon Novaniel.png
Map Icon


Each time a sibling is defeated, the remaining ones empower themselves, healing part of their health and gaining two more attacks. In True Mode they will unleash a desperation attack once they are the last sibling active. This only applies to phase 1.

Nuba / Nuba's Shadow[]

Nuba / Nuba's Shadow is the sibling skilled in nebulous magic, she will attack as follows:

  • Nebula Spears: Summons several pink spears around herself which then fire at the player.
  • Nebula Orbs: Summons a ring of pink spheres that spread out randomly.
  • Double Helix: Fires two pink streams of magic that move in a helix pattern.
  • Homing Nebula: Fires multiple pink fireballs that seek out players.
  • Double Beam: Fires two pink laser beams outwards that spin, one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise.
  • Nebula Bombing: Summons a wave of sigils that explode.
  • Desperation Move - Nebula Tears: Becomes stationary, and summons multiple rifts around herself that fire helix projectiles outwards.

After defeating the Lost Siblings for the first time, Nuba will be replaced by Nuba's Shadow


Solarius is the sibling skilled in high-damage fire magic, he will attack as follows:

  • Flame Punch: Punches three times, shooting fists.
  • Flame Dash: Tries to charge the player.
  • Fire Barrage: Charges up energy and releases homing fireballs.
  • Fiery Star: Fires a star-shaped projectile that fires spikes outwards.
  • Solar Eruption: Charges up energy and sends fiery debris into all directions.
  • Plasma Stream: Fires a plasma beam that sweeps the area.
  • Desperation Move - Supernova: Becomes stationary, and fires homing fireballs and fiery debris until defeated.


Dustite is the sibling skilled in summoning allies and attacking with stellar magic, he attacks as follows:

  • Shooting Star: Fires 6 fast-moving stars at the player
  • Stellar Skull Summon: Summons two Stellar Skulls to assist him (Max of 4).
  • Stardust Shower: Summons three stars around himself, which are then fired at the player. After hitting a wall or staying in place for too long, they explode into a ring of stars.
  • Star Reaver Summon: Summons a Star Reaver (Max of 2)
  • Stellar Projection Summon: Summons a stellar projection that fires a shooting star at the player when Dustite attacks. (Max of 3)
  • Starstream Wyrm Summon: Creates a large ritual circle that summons a Starstream Wyrm. (Only one can be active at a time)
  • Desperation Move - Unstable Star: Becomes stationary and creates a star above himself that periodically fires shooting stars in all directions, aswell as firing at the player and also summoning several minions.


Voxa is the sibling skilled in combat with firearms and lightning, she will attack as follows:

  • Plasma Pistols: Takes out two plasma pistols and fires a few shots at the player.
  • Snipe: Creates three crosshairs that aim at the player and explode.
  • Tracking Rocket: Fires homing rockets at the player that can be destroyed.
  • Lightning Shot: Fires a burst of lightning at the player.
  • Celestial Spear: Summons three crosshairs near the player that fire spears outwards which inflict Distorted
  • Rocket Bombing: Summons several crosshairs around the player that explode.
  • Desperation Move - Lightning Rain: Becomes stationary and summons energy spheres near players that fire a lightning at them.


Novaniel is the oldest and strongest sibling and skilled in combat with his sword, gravity and projections. After his siblings are defeated, he will appear and phase 2 of the fight is initiated, he attacks as follows:

  • Sword Throw: Throw his sword at the player, it returns after a second of flying
  • Slash: Swing his sword two times, creating energy waves aimed at the player
  • Kunai Throw: Throws kunai at the player, telegraphed by green beams
  • Rift Summon: Summons a rift that fires blade projections
  • Wing Blades: Summons 8 blade projections to his sides in a wing formation
  • Blade Eruption: Roars, creating a shockwave that applies a heavy gravity debuff, forcing the player to the ground, after which Novaniel will strike the ground with his blade, summoning multiple rifts on the ground which fire blade projections upwards.
  • Quasar Mines: Summons three quasar mines around himself that fly around the player with weak homing, turn into a stationary energy sphere when touched.
  • Dash: Tries to get to either the left or right of the player, then dash at them.
  • Fate Slash: When out of reach for too long, Novaniel will teleport next to the player and slash with his sword, which sends out a very strong energy wave, killing the player almost guaranteed.

When his health is reduced to below 50%, he will obtain an aura around himself, upgrading his attacks to be deadlier and harder to dodge.

  • Sword Throw leaves behind projections that fly at the player.
  • Slash is executed four times instead of two, and creates more and faster energy waves that are spread out more.
  • Kunai Throw throws two sets of kunai that move faster and are bigger, they also have a shorter timeframe before the telegraph disappears.
  • Rift Summon has slight randomization to the blade velocity, and the blades become faster the longer they travel.
  • Wing Blades additionally summons giant cross-shaped blades that stick to the ground and linger for a while.
  • Blade Eruption has a bigger roar shockwave and more rifts are opened.
  • Quasar Mines summons 9 mines instead of 3.
  • Dash additionally summons four projections of Novaniel that dash along with him.

In True Mode you have 4 minutes to defeat Novaniel before he uses his final attack, Celestial Judgement, to kill all players. He will also boost his damage by 50% each minute that passes, indicated by him raising his sword and becoming invincible for a short time. After the first empowerment, Novaniel's attacks have a chance to inflict Shattered Armor. After the second empowerment, his attacks can also inflict Distorted Weapon. After the third empowerment, all attacks are guaranteed to inflict both debuffs.


After defeating The Lost Siblings for the first time, the following will occur:


  • All of the Siblings drop healing potions, but only Novaniel will drop the overall respective loot; and the battle will end.
  • While Novaniel is alive, the sky is turned grey and an image of Soran, The Lost Siblings' homeworld in the lore, appears in the background.
  • The Heir's Authority can be used to summon Novaniel alone after The Lost Siblings have been defeated already.
  • Using an instant respawn mod and dying to Celestial Judgement will effectively softlock the character.


  • Movement speed increasing gear is advised. Flarium Armor, some Flarium Weapons and possibly a mount such as the Serpent Sceptre would also help.
  • In True Mode, high DPS must be prioritized when fighting Novaniel, so that he may be defeated before he becomes too empowered or uses Celestial Judgement.



  • 1.1.1:
    • Moon in the background during Novaniel's fight changed to Soran.
    • Novaniel can be summoned with the Heir's Authority.
  • 1.1: Revamped for the final time, with True Mode exclusive behavior as well as a name change.
  • 1.0: Revamped again.
  • 0.23.3: Revamped.
  • 0.22.0: Slightly buffed.
  • 0.20.0: Introduced, and known as the Lunarians.
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