Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

There are a variety of tools in Shadows of Abaddon, they are available in multiple stages of the game and are scattered across multiple tiers.

Pickaxes and Drills[]


Lapis Pickaxe.pngLapis Pickaxe Pandolar Pick.pngPandolar Pick

Post-Moon Lord[]

Quasar Pickaxe.pngQuasar Pickaxe Flarium Pickaxe.pngFlarium Pickaxe


Post-Moon Lord[]

The Ban Hammer.pngThe Ban Hammer Asthraltite Hammer.pngAsthraltite Hammer


Dragon Drill.pngDragon Drill Matter Manipulator.pngMatter Manipulator


These tools are combinations of tools and have multiple uses

Post-Moon Lord[]

Quasar Hamaxe.pngQuasar Hamaxe Oblivion Miner.pngOblivion Miner Flarium Hamaxe.pngFlarium Hamaxe
Luminous Excavator.pngLuminous Excavator Asthraltite Picksaw.pngAsthraltite Picksaw

Fishing Poles[]

Fiery Catcher.pngFiery Catcher Caster of Light.pngCaster of Light
Tools: Oblivion Miner.png Usual Tools • Sigil of the Sun.png Summoning Tools • Asthraltite Energy Movement Gear.png Other Tools