Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

True Mode is a higher difficulty mode activated with the Sigil of the Corrupted One. The sigil only drops once per world, obtained from the Moon Lord in expert mode. The item can only be used in expert mode and while there is no boss alive. Attempting to use it outside of these conditions does nothing and does not consume the item. The mode changes the behavior of the mod's post-Moon Lord bosses, and allows access to a few new items and mechanics.

Boss Changes[]


  • Fires projectiles at higher speeds.
  • A second ring of Nightmare Souls orbit him in phase 4.
  • Minions also appear in phase 5.


  • Serpent Aura debuff will change to Serpent's Curse debuff upon leaving the Flame Razed Forest for more than 10 seconds, changes back when reentering.
    • Serpent's Curse disables usage of healing potions, nullifies regen and decreases damage dealt
  • Araghur can fire a giant barrage of fireballs, indicated by a roar
  • If health goes below 20%, he will begin summoning Paradox Shadows, which appear faster the lower his health gets
  • Increased damage of all attacks

The Lost Siblings[]

  • The last active sibling in phase 1 will unleash a desperation move until defeated.
  • You have 4 minutes to beat Novaniel, and he buffs himself every minute that passes.
    • He will also begin inflicting Shattered Armor from empowerment 1 onward and Distorted Weapon from empowerment 2 onward.
    • When the timer runs out all players will die.

Exclusive Items[]


Item Effect Acquired from
Glass Heart (Abaddon).pngGlass Heart (Abaddon) Increases max health by 50. Abaddon (when defeated with the Glass Soul equipped.)
Glass Heart (Araghur).pngGlass Heart (Araghur) Increases max health by 50. Araghur (when defeated with the Glass Soul equipped.)
Glass Heart (Lost Siblings).pngGlass Heart (Lost Siblings) Increases max health by 50. The Lost Siblings (when defeated with the Glass Soul equipped.)
Glass Heart (Erazor).pngGlass Heart (Erazor) Increases max health by 50. Erazor (when defeated with the Glass Soul equipped.)


Item Acquired from
Casey.pngCasey Bought from the Scavenger
Dark Remnant.pngDark Remnant Abaddon (20%)
Serpent Flare Chain.pngSerpent Flare Chain Araghur (20%)


Item Effect Acquired from/Crafted with
Flaming Heart.pngFlaming Heart Makes the player immune to lava, On Fire!, Flarium Inferno, Frozen and increases max health by 100. Araghur (20%)
Lunar Resonator.pngLunar Resonator Increases the drop chance of Lunidium Coins. Bought from Nuba for 100 Lunidium Coin after defeating Abaddon, Araghur and The Lost Siblings.
Celestial Ring.pngCelestial Ring Increases the drop chance of Lunidium Coins, increases pickup range of Lunidium Coins and all effects of the Greedy Ring. Lunar Resonator.pngLunar Resonator, Greedy Ring.pngGreedy Ring, 10 Luminous Energy.pngLuminous Energy, 5 Tiridium Bar.pngTiridium Bar   @   Tiridium Infuser.pngTiridium Infuser
Shield of Reflections.pngShield of Reflections Grants immunity to knockback, a large number of debuffs, turns the player into a Werewolf at night and a Merfolk in water, increases all stats by a small amount, absorbs 25% of damage done to players on your team (if above 25% life), increases the player's max life by 100, and has a 10% chance of blocking a hostile projectile that hits the player. 20 Tiridium Bar.pngTiridium Bar, 25 Luminous Energy.pngLuminous Energy, Celestial Shield.pngCelestial Shield, Flaming Heart.pngFlaming Heart, Pocket Mirror.pngPocket Mirror   @   Tiridium Infuser.pngTiridium Infuser
Nuba's Blessing.pngNuba's Blessing Magic critical strikes restore mana. Bought from Nuba for 450 Lunidium Coin after defeating Erazor.
Novaniel's Resolve.pngNovaniel's Resolve Has a chance to initiate one of Novaniel's attacks when hitting an enemy. The Lost Siblings (100%, if Novaniel is not damaged until his third empowerment and defeated within one minute afterwards.)

Other Changes[]