Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

The Shadows of Abaddon mod adds several different Vanity items to the game. They are purely meant to be for looks, and have no functional purpose otherwise.

Vanity Pieces[]

Pandolar Mask.png Pandolar Mask Serpent Tail.png Serpent Tail

Vanity Sets[]

Hero set.png Hero set Grand Harpy set.png Grand Harpy set

Boss Masks[]

Flaming Pumpkin Mask.png Flaming Pumpkin Mask Grand Harpy Mask.png Grand Harpy Mask Raynare Mask.png Raynare Mask
Abaddon Mask.png Abaddon Mask Serpent Mask.png Serpent Mask Novaniel Mask.png Novaniel Mask

Vanity Accessories[]

Pandolar Paws.png Pandolar Paws

Developer Pieces[]

Elf Ears.png Elven Ears Riell's Scarf.png Riell's Scarf Serial Mask.png Serial Mask
Kagome Mask.png Kagome Mask Giraffe Mask.png Giraffe Mask

Developer Sets[]

Set of the Death Seraph.png Set of the Death Seraph Nanoplasmatic Set.png Nanoplasmatic Set Koopa's Set.png Koopa's Set Ivor's Set.png Ivor's Set
Darius' Set.png Darius' Set Sumenora's Set.png Sumenora's Set
Equipable Items: Asthraltite Breastplate.png Armor • Flight Feather.png Accessories ( Solar Sigil.png Combat) • Pandolar Mask.png Vanity