Shadows of Abaddon Mod Wiki

The Shadows of Abaddon mod currently adds 5 variations of Walls to the game. All but one of them can be crafted by hand.

Asthraltite Wall.png Crafted Walls[]

Wall Appearance Recipe Crafting Station
Asthraltite Wall.png Asthraltite Wall (4)
Asthraltite Wall (placed).png
Asthraltite Brick.png Asthraltite Brick Asthraltite Workbench.png Asthraltite Workbench
Ember Brick Wall.png Ember Brick Wall (4)
Ember Brick Wall (placed).png
Ember Brick.png Ember Brick By Hand
Emberbark Wall.png Emberbark Wall (4)
Emberbark Wall (placed).png
Emberbark.png Emberbark By Hand
Thermal Brick Wall.png Thermal Brick Wall (4)
Thermal Brick Wall (placed).png
Thermal Brick.png Thermal Brick By Hand
Thermal Rack Wall.png Thermal Rack Wall (4)
Thermal Rack Wall (placed).png
Thermal Rack.png Thermal Rack By Hand

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